Working on a new tattoo design...will post after I get it...in the meantime, does anyone speak fluent french...I mean, like are now or have you ever been a citizen of France? See I took french in high school (and by the way, I believe there are two kinds of people over 30- those who chose to take Spanish and those who chose to take French in high school...neither is better than the other but think about it...) and I can translate some words and recite part of a poem in french but other than that it has slowly disappeared over the years. Like soapy water down the drain. So...

email me if you 'Parlez-vous le fran├žais' ?


  1. I also took French in hs, even though I live in CA where everyone speaks Spanish. It was the only French class (one period) offered for the three years I took it and my senior year they cancelled it and everyone after that had to take Spanish. I can only remember a little bit...

  2. email my friend larry...

    i'll send you his email addy on fb.


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