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Um...yes, I have been there done that...like when one client sent me a black and white photo with the top of her son's head cut off for me to use on a character illustration where I would cut out the head and draw in a tarzan body...doens't look so hot with a black and white flat-topped head.

I have already linked to this awesome lady but she continues to WOW me...check out these great Holiday craft ideas. Awesome!

This helped me make up my mind about whether to Gardasil or not when the time comes for my girls...Read this and more and make-up your own mind. Don't go blindly into it.

Sorry it is a busy week, haven't had much "me" time to just surf the internet...

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  1. I just read some of those...wow. I'm so glad I don't have to work with "adults" all day long. :)


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