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Baby and Father in the Crib together! @ Yahoo! Video

This was ...
A. Hilarious to finally see what I looked like for 5 years when I tried to get my girls to sleep (minus the "getting in the crib" part), ie: lay down to nurse, ease them off, do contortions to get off the bed without making them stir, tiptoe out of the room and WAAAAAA! Start all over again.

B. Ridiculous that the dad was so afraid to pick the baby up and hold her that it seemed reasonable to climb in a crib.

C. All of the above.

Come on people, babies are tiny humans, not mechanical toys that have a switch you can turn off. Babies need comfort in Mom and Dad's arms. They don't punch out a time card at night...Wouldn't you want comfort if you woke up scared/alone/cold/wet/hungry? Take them to bed, snuggle, comfort and enjoy it will it lasts (which will seem like about 2.5 seconds when you look back).

Not to Change the Subject, but:
Oh and one of my blog/arty idols mentioned my teacher gifts on her twitter page!!

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  1. I allowed my kids in the bed whenever they wanted but now I'm having trouble convincing them that there beds are good without me. Now that they are almost 3 and 6 and my bed is CROWDED! Any suggestions? I have laid down in the crib (in todder bed mode), I have been on the floor holding hands until the blood rushed out. How do I transition them into their beds so that I can sleep this decade?

  2. I loved this post of yours, thank you !

  3. That can't be real, what a dingle...oh, wait, it's a guy, so totally possible :)

  4. Kay... that cracked me up.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I agree with your comments on the subject as well... it does go by in 2.5 seconds. Although, climbing in the crib?? A little over the top for me, but what a great dad! ;)


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