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Cruising through the wonderful world of web is one of my favorite past times, and I have so little time to just explore lately. I apologize profusely if I haven't stopped by your blog in a while...but you know how it is: the kids are screaming and trying to dismember each other, dinner is burning, the laundry is mildewing, the shower is an experiment in mold growth, my dog is wasting away from longing for a walk, and I am worn out from sitting at work not being able to surf the internet....

So here are a few things that have really woken me up lately and reminded me that I am a creative, smart human not an android!

This lady rocks the modge podge, everything I read of hers I want to run out and try too.

This is one smart, funny lady who likes to shake it up a little, and I like it!

Write away, WordyDoodles, write away. I am waiting on bated breath...

I don't even eat this stuff (haven't eaten any dessert since April 2008) but I may lick my computer screen from time to time when reading this...

Crawling into this page and curling up like a little brown leaf seems like the appropriate response. This blog is so awesome and her art and home are like something out of a fairytale!

So pretty, like little vienetts.

I guess the focus today was on blogs...there are just so many great ones out there!


  1. You just made me so happy with that Modge Podge link.

  2. happy sunday!wondering if you can find time to visit me..

  3. Ellen-I would love to visit you but your site is private.
    Thanks all for commenting and visiting!


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