I may have a new show in my line up of favorites. It calls to my inner musical-loving-soul...Glee. Just watched my first episode last night and...aaahhh. So awesome.

I am still a little surprised how risque the storyline can be- I mean my eyes are open as to what goes on in high school, it is just such an odd mixture to what I was thinking a musical-Wednesday-night-line-up would be.

And by the way, the Glee teacher, who if I saw his picture in a magazine I would totally dismiss as ho-hum, is adorable! When he sings and dances it is such a sight to behold.

And the Mohawk guy is not bad either...

My inner-teen is sighing dreamily....


  1. I'm behind the 8-ball with Glee. I need to catch up!

  2. Lol.

    I keep hearing about how great Glee is but I've never watched it!!!

  3. I'm also a little amazed at how sexy the high school kid shows are. Even the one's on Nickelodeon shock me sometimes. It doesn't make me anxious for my own kids to enter high school...


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