Fun in Columbia

Unbelievable sunset on our drive from our home to Columbia. Too bad I had to take pics through a dirty windshield.

I think only kids get in these kinds of positions to write...

 Poor little Jack, so pensive.

How can they be standing in exactly the same pose? (R, a teen peep of our Cashua partners and Z)

The Beat Down: two teen boys against one grown-ass man. My fave move was the double headlock- both kids in his one arm! My girls were taking notes through the whole thing- J or myself is going to get attacked soon.

So excited about my morning cup of coffee!

J took this photo and to us it looks like an ad for "a happy family at the zoo".... I will post more on this great zoo on my other blog Where should we go next, soon.

Waiting on the kids to finish playing in the kids garden at the zoo.

The navigator.

How can they be this precious??


  1. That looks like so much fun. My husband loves the headlock move too...it must be a guy thing.

  2. Great pics, looks like a lot of fun!

  3. it absolutely does sound as if you had fun ! have a great week

  4. I love how he could pin them with one arm. Your morning coffee is my Diet Dr. Pepper!

  5. I have added you in links. Hope you can link me up too. Thank You and God Bless!

  6. You are all precious. Great photos full of fun.

  7. Lol you look sooo excited for your coffee! I am loving the hair, the colour really is gorgeous on you. Hope you and the fam had a great trip!

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, especially the "happy family at zoo one".

  8. I've been a little lax in the reading other people's blogs category...I'm trying to catch up!

    These are adorable pictures! And the sunset!! Amazing.


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