Be Weird

My daughter B has been really into saying "Wouldn't it be weird?" statements lately...I am wondering if this is an eight year old thing. Her sister does it some but mostly, I think, because she does everything her big sister does.
Here is my favorite...
Wouldn't it be weird if someone took a photograph of a photograph of a photograph of a photograph of a photograph of a photograph?

Here she is as a first time honor roll student.


  1. It is an age thing, my 9 year old did that awhile ago. Now she's onto "Would you rather?" between two gross choices.

  2. Congratulations B!! GREAT JOB!

  3. Is it weird that I have had that same thought??

    I love those different phases they go through:)

  4. Congrats to the Honor Roll student.

  5. She's a cutie and smart, too! Good for her being on the Honor Roll!

  6. My son was all about the what if's. I totally understand. Congrats on the honor roll!

  7. deserving ;) what with those questions..i know she more of those, hehe.

    hope to see you in my site soon...


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