Three Words

Form, Grace, and Tennis

Delicious Date Stem

Good Hair Day

New Fave Sweater

Morning Must Have


  1. LOVE that sweater! I kind of want one right now. Where did you get it?

  2. Love this post! Saw a sweater like that in gray in the store the other day that is on my list for fall!

    BTW, checked out Iron & Wine (love them!) only to find out they were just on tour and made a stop just a hour from us! Oh no! Maybe on the next go round!

  3. Guess what. I had coffee today... It was sooooo goooood.... Lol. I was really sleepy on the way to work, and I must have said I needed coffee, and my dear sweet husband forgot I was still breastfeeding and bought me some.

    I couldn't very well let it go to waste! :-)
    I am probably going to have a sleepless night tonight with the little miss. But I think it might have been worth it! Had a great day!

    Anyway check my blog out today, I make a little mention of ya there. :-)


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