Staycation: Part Duo

Just noticed this light fixture in my bathroom at the beachhouse last night. Doesn't it have the most beautiful pattern on it? I am going to have to reproduce it!

Sunrise as I was driving the kids to school. Sooo beautiful but my camera refused to wake up and could only give me this lame, "I'm still asleep and groggy" shot!

Redhead again! A little darker this time and sooo glad to have my bangs out of my eyes!

Bella had this whole set up she wanted to show me. She invented a fishing system using washed up seaoats, twine, nets (not to grab the fish but as anchors and stuff), and ham and a rice cake for bait.

I was in doubt of how such a system could work but did not express it so as not to quell her enthusiasm. But I made this video of her explaining the system....

And right after I turned off the camera, I noticed something on one of her "poles", she lifted it up nonchalantly and low and behold, this little guy was "caught"! No hook needed, thank you! So I guess the universe showed me not to doubt the ingenuity of an eight year old with an imagination. Oh, by the way, he is a baby blue crab, see the little bit of blue on his one claw? The immature crabs (like him) have muted colors, as adults they are much more vibrant. His claw, that a frienemy probably ripped off, will grow back. And boy is his daddy and mommy good eatin'!

Carrying said fishing equipment to the dock.

Love how these little guys stand on one foot. And they have completely painted this dock in bird shit.

The elusive husband and his shadow catching some fish.

Zo was a little wary of reaching in the bucket to get a bait fish because she said they "pinch". 


  1. Maybe your camera is not a morning camera.

  2. Great pictures! I love the contraption (I'll have to come back and watch the movie)and it made me laugh. Nick is constantly inventing things...like the time he used stickers to attach a pair of broken sunglasses to his hat. They're very creative, aren't they?? :)

    I'm typing this, enjoying a nice cup of Cashua coffee. Yum. It has great flavor!


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