Staycation: Part Troi

This card game is called "Oh, Hell!". We say it a lot, too, while playing. Look it up in your Hoyle's Book of Card Games, it is a lot of fun! This is my not-so-great-hand....

This is what spot fishing season looks like in Murrell's Inlet. Spots are a delectable little fish that "run" in the fall around here. The old timers know that when the little yellow butterflies start flitting around that it is Spot Season! There were about 100 boats in the inlet this day.

 The skies went from overcast to beautiful to overcast.

These birds, not the usual seagulls and not starlings, would sit on this sandbar and when a boat would go by they would all take off and swoop here and there. Very beautiful!

Trying to capture a photo of an Egret while flying by in a little boat is not easy. But that white blob there is an Egret. A lovely, long legged bird. And that is an oyster bed he is standing on with one of my favorite plants- marsh grass- around him.

So after no luck fishing we went to check my crab pots I had thrown out the day before (the little yellow bouy there marks where it sits). Whilst throwing said crab pot out in the water I also THREW my back out! Ouch.
The kids and their Honey were playing on the beach when we pulled up.

No blue crabs :( but we did catch a puffer fish. He was hilarious! We had to wait until he un-puffed so we could shake him out but every time we moved the pot he would puff again (just like the fish on Nemo!). We caught, in addition to Puff Daddy, 8 spider crabs and two hermit crabs.

Hermit crab... watch your fingers Bella!

Sealife growing on floats under our dock. So pretty. Bella caught baby shrimp (little sea monkeys) swimming and feeding around this...

As a mother, what are you thinking looking at this photo? Me too!
"Get ready to run over there and grab them when they lean too far and go splash!"

Oyster beds under our dock, but these were pretty dead looking, not good eatin'.

Jackpot! We got three beautiful blue crabs! We wished for about 15 but you take what you can get. These made a yummy addition to our dinner. And this bad boy on the top was a whopper- the biggest I have ever seen (maybe he is the daddy of the baby Bella caught). See what he looks like right before I ate him up!

"Get in ma bellah!"


  1. My staycations are so boring! Yours is like a vacation!

  2. Great pictures! It looks like so much fun. And tasty...The puffer fish is cool!

    I want a beach house!


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