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In honor of Flu Season and the two sickies at my house I will share...

Even If My Ears Were Bleeding originally posted on www.myrtlebeachmoms.com April 2009

My head is on the verge of exploding. I have not felt this bad in a long time, maybe since childbirth or fracturing my ankle falling off a cart in Home Depot’s parking lot (we will save that story for another time). There is pain and pressure and achy-ness and general fatigue. My children cannot understand that fighting and yelling amongst themselves makes my head hurt much worse. It is inconceivable to them that they could be quiet for more than 10 minutes. Even if my ears were bleeding.

So lying here in a heap, holding my head, I am thinking of a fairy godmother who could grant a few wishes. Just a few things I want while I am unable to move or get anything for myself. Firstly, I would wish for darkness, as beautiful as today is, the sunlight is an assault on my brain. And it makes me feel guilty that I am missing out on playing with my girls outside. Secondly, I would like a large, steaming mug of coffee. For the comfort, the warmth, and the caffeine. My third wish, someone to rub my temples, neck, back, and maybe my feet, although they are one of the only things not affected by my allergies. Fourthly, to be able to walk the dog, or feel less guilty about not being able to as she forlornly stares at me through the glass door at me. Fifth? Oh, I think a hot, spicy bowl of Tom Yum soup would be great. Perfect for inhaling the lemongrass steam and letting the chili, garlic heat heal what ails me.

That’s it. That is all I want right now. I mean, a housekeeper to clean the toys up and scrub the bathrooms would be great. But I can live with the mess for another day.  Okay, one more wish, please, no more than one more day of this. 

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