Bento Cuteness?

I think I am running low on creativity now that I have started work...Starting at top: cucumber cup with cottage cheese, four bean salad, chicken tender. Bottom: Banana and mayo on healthnut bread, nuts and raisins and dried cherries.

Oh, By the Way- my computer area inexplicably smells like hot chocolate! WTH?? I am enjoying it while it lasts (or should I say while whatever is making the smell is fresh before it starts to rot and draw fruit flies :p)


  1. I just love these Bento pictures! Now if only I had the energy to actually make on for myself. :)

  2. but its nice!!!

    one thing that concerns me though...i have a BIG appetite, so please tell me it's an appetizer harharhar ;)

  3. Sounds yummy!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. This is the kids lunch, but I make mine in the same size. It holds everything except my apple or banana...


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