There Are Angels

Found Zo like this when I went to wake her up from school. *Sigh*

After taking her picture to preserve the sweet, quiet, cherubic baby I started getting all the sugar I could (Do you know what sugar is or is that a Southern expression? Sugar=kisses). That soft neck, those plump lips (they come from her daddy) and the squishy armpit. Then she woke up, pushed me away and began her morning squealing.

What's your favorite sugar spot on your kids?


  1. I love kissing the back of my daughter's neck. I just can't get enough of it.

  2. What a sweet picture. I love sleeping kid photos...then they wake and open their mouths and it's all over. :)

    I think sugar must be a southern term. I've never really heard it used like that before, but I really like it. I'm going to start using it. Maybe I'll start a trend!

    And I'd have to say that I love my kids' necks...kiss them there and they always giggle, which I love!

  3. I love getting sugar on Ladybug's neck! And I love the giggles that result from me getting my sugar fix.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. I had never really though about "Sugar" being a southern term, I just accepted it as orthodox.
    I too love all those sugar spots, yummy!

  5. I kiss Gwyn on the neck... Cliffie gets it on his belly, unless he is too ticklish to let me.

  6. Reading about all this "sugar" makes me wanna go sneak some off little sleeping cheeks!


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