But It Bears Repeatin'

For those of you who have already heard this on let me quote the White Stripes, who sing "I said it once before but it bears repeatin'" uh uh

Night before last, Zoe got a fortune in her cookie after Chinese take out. It read "It's time you ask that special someone for a date."

She was giggly and silly and embarrassed about telling me as if it was something she was really considering (we think she has a crush on one of two boys from school).

So yesterday we were at the library working on homework before dance class. I had snuck in (don't you hate that word?) a bag of dried dates as a snack (illicit, gasp!). I was eating them and passing them to the girls on the down low.

Since I was reading an illustrated encyclopedia of the animal kingdom I became engrossed and stopped passing the dates out. I chose that book because it's what I could reach without getting up off my tush. Do you know about this disgusting frog that it's mate mushes her eggs into her porous skin on her back and they later hatch out fully formed...wait, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, ugh!. What was I talking about?

Oh, so I was distracted and I stopped passing out the snacks.

"Mooomm, can I have a date?" Zoe asked. I passed it over and then my head snapped up.

"Zo, your fortune...it came true!"

She looked incredulous. She didn't believe me. Then it began to dawn on her. We started laughing about it.

So funny how life's little moments come together!


  1. Ahh, young love. I don't want my daughter to grow up and go on dates. Do they have to? LOL

  2. Hey Just popped on over here from MBC. There's more to those fortune cookies than ya think.... Oh, and I love Sia, I was happy to find another fan.


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