She Rode Off on the Back of a Motorcycle

Bella and her dad took their first motorcycle trip across town on Sunday. The ever-hovering mother, I rode behind them almost the whole way (surely my eyes on her back would protect her in some way). She looked simultaneously so big and so little (Mothers, you understand that, right?), wearing a helmet the size of a pumpkin, an eight year old version of a Texas tuxedo and pink Chucks.

I could see her pointing things out to her dad, talking, and trying to see around his shoulder. At stop lights she would turn around with a HUGE grin and wave to Zo and I. It was frighteningly adorable.

I told my husband I was going to fashion a belt with handles for him to wear and her to hold onto. Or possible just duct tape her to his back.


  1. Oh...brave mommy. Yikes! My husband takes the kids out on the 4-wheelers and that freaks me out. And that's not even on the street!

    It's hard letting them grow up...and I think the duct tape is a fine idea!

  2. Oh my gosh. How fun is this for her. My kids would be jealous. I would too be hovering behind.

  3. Wow! On a motorcycle at 8! I would have had to follow her too. At least then you know can see her instead of being at home biting your nails and wondering.


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