Kill Your Television

We are on day 14 without television for the kids. Bella asks daily, "What day is it? How many more days until we can watch tv?" Poor thing.

It has been a really good 14 days, too. The kids have played more: outside, games, drawing, reading, making things, imagining...Lovely stuff that all kids should naturally want to do. That is when there minds are being sucked into a little box with SpongeBob cackles and teenage drama.

Here is one delightful, creative, engineering game they played last night. There was a lot of effort and planning involved. False starts, mistakes, accidents and learning to work together.

I couldn't participate, I was watching a very important show on tv about Amish teenagers (just kidding, that was later after the kids went to bed. But seriously, have you seen the show on Amish teenagers? It's on NatGeo, find it!)


  1. I agree with you 100% when you say today's kids waste their time and productive time in front of T.V's.

    Good post. Keep sharing your thought's. I'd be following closely!

  2. I saw that show with the Amish teenagers. I couldn't believe all the drugs these kids took. A real eye opener.


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