Around the Family Table

I recently cleaned and organized our two bookshelves. One is a huge floor to ceiling monster about seven feet wide. The other is regular size (3x7) that I turned into a china display. But I digress....

While I was rearranging things, I found several books I had forgotten about. One is a little gem I got for $.50 at a La Leche League conference, Around the Family Table. We used it a little after I brought it home then it was forgotten on some shelf or another.
After rediscovering it, I put it back on the table last night and we have been asking questions from it. There are "365 Mealtime Conversations for Parents and Children" but we usually ask two or three at each meal and not all our age appropriate.

What a great way to see what your children think of their world, you as parents, and each other. My favorite questions was from page 28, question 68: Do you believe there are any differences in the capabilities of men and women? Bella gave a very heartfelt, mature answer that she thought men and women were all the same on the inside. Zo however, came out of left field with "Men don't really mix up dog treats in dog food and women do".

You must ask written permission to use the above quote in your battle of the sexes, men vs women, feminist literature, before publication, please ;)


  1. What a great book. Great for families who need help around the dinner table.

  2. This looks like a great book! Thanks for sharing. :)


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