My Toof!

Today as I was cleaning the kitchen and my girls were playing at the table, Zo let out her blood curdling scream (she does this often). I whipped my head around to see her crying and holding her mouth and Bella looking guilty.

"What happened?" I asked, while trying to exam Zo's face to see what was hurt. Bella began stuttering through an explanation, which means she is guilty of something. "I was was trying, I was trying to to ..." Zoe chimed in with, "She punched me in my mouth!!"

I turn to Bella, "Is that true Bella?"

"I didn't mean to!", which usually means she did, but she didn't mean to get caught.

I finally got Zo's mouth open and her top front tooth is dangling loosely in it's socket. Blood is oozing out (sorry for the graphic description). But nothing is too terrible. I get Zo some water, and am grateful it is a baby tooth that was loose anyway. I talk to Bella about hitting, and using her sister as a punching bag. Sigh.

After it was all over I got the whole story. Bella told Zo to hold a painting of a face up in front of her and Bella then used her karate skills to take aim and punch it. Inadvertently punching her sister in the mouth.

So in conclusion that means Bella punched Zo's tooth out! I am sure this will be funny in 20 years. Like how my family likes to tell the story of how my brother ran into the basketball goal and knocked off half his eyebrow!

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