First Day of School Lunch

Recently I wrote an article on packing healthy lunches for school for my local newspaper. I discussed options for kids that were healthy, economical, easy, and fun for to eat. I had ordered the Bento boxes weeks ago and couldn't wait to use them.

So tonight I put together their first Bento School Lunches (I packed my lunch for work the next day, too). Bella had been begging me to make the rice bento (like she had seen in a magazine) so that is where the menu started.

While I was making dinner I set aside cooked rice, veggies, and chicken etc. I pressed the rice into molds that belonged to my mother-in-law, and I used cake decorating shape cutters to cut the cucumbers and apples. I searched my pantry and fridge and added in more and more things until it looked nice and everything was snugly tucked in. I wrote a little love not and tucked that in the top with a spoon where there is space for chopsticks in the lid.

Ta dah! I didn't let the girls see, I wanted them to open them at the lunch table.
(sorry the pics are blurry)

rice with sesame seeds, cucumbers cut into stars, apple flower with dired cherry eyes and smile, fried noodles

skewered grapes on spinach leaves, sliced stir fry chicken, heart shaped rice with sesame seeds


  1. Oh, what great lunches! How fun are you?? If I'd had lunches like that growing up I bet I wouldn't have had to hide my sandwiches in my underwear drawer until they were moldy and the smell gave me away. :)

    I might have to try that for my kids! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. I LOVE IT! I spent my childhood in Japan so I am very familiar with bentos and bento boxes! Nothing like making healthy foods look fun to eat! :)

    Found you via MBC and am now following! :)

  3. Your lunches look awesome.

    I saw your comment on Mommy Bloggers and thought I would leave a comment too.

    Please leave a comment on my blog jdaniel4smom.blogspot.com.

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. I loooveeee the entire looks of this lunch. I don't have a school-aged kids right now, but will keep this in mind until my son is ready to school.



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