Complaint Department

Bella was complaining about the avocado I gave her to eat.
"It's supposed to be green on the inside NOT yellow. GREEN means it is ripe."

"Well, I don't know what color it is on the inside UNTIL I cut it."

"Well, it's not supposed to be YELLOW.", she accuses.

"Well, you will have to file a complaint with the Creator of the Universe, because I did not make that avocado. I only cut it."



  1. Arguing with a young child rarely goes anywhere good. lol. Funny story :)

  2. Lol. Tell Bella that in Trinidad, our avocados are Yellow on the inside when ripe. So maybe she got a Caribbean avocado. So maybe she's special.

  3. Mom of Three- I read Bella your comment, but she had nothing to say...Apparently, all her passion from last night was gone!
    Thanks Ladies!


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