Chase and Sanborn

My husband bought these at a yard sale. It took me several days to spot them on top of a pile on our buffet. I find their distressed and dirtiness quite lovely.

I like to imagine some mother 40 years ago, popping the top to open one of these up, making coffee each day. And when the can was empty I can see her putting her pin money in it on the top shelf. Or maybe storing ribbons or sewing notions inside.

I certainly have a lot of food containers that I save and reuse in other ways. Tin cans (are they even still called tin cans) make great water cans for my paints, Altoid cans are great for carrying one or two tea bags in my purse or using to make shallow art boxes. My daughter even saved a Pop Tart box because it was such a rare treat and she wanted to remember it. It now holds her pencils.

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  1. I like anything that has some type of personal history to it. I'm like you and try to think of what the person who owned it did with the item in the past. Had to give up garage sales as I was collecting too much though!


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