The Artful Dodger

While working in the kitchen I noticed Bella's bedroom rug out on the porch.
"Why is your rug outside?" I queried.
"You told me to." she responded with a slight smirk.
I realized I had asked her to put her rug "out" on her floor (instead of crumpled up in the corner). With a sigh I asked my daughter to please put her rug back in her room.
And she did, in a lovely, inventive way. It just isn't what I had in mind.

Speaking of elusive creativity, take a look at her art desk. Kind of amazing, isn't it? Mine looks quite similar so how can I fault her. It must help our creative vision.


  1. My daughters each have desks equally as cluttered, only with teenager-type mess (makeup, CDs, books, candy wrappers, OTHER wrappers)...and I am pretty sure my desk looks the same but of course to ME it's perfectly organized, LOL.

  2. Love the gun on the desk. That's too funny!

  3. Wow, hadn't noticed the toy gun on the desk. Maybe I will make a series of photos of her room and turn them into an I Spy book!


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