Birthdays are a pretty big deal to me. I make a big to-do over my kids birthdays and I would over my husbands if he would let me. My birthday has taken a backseat since giving birth 8 years ago but I still love all the presents and attention I receive.

I have always LOVED opening presents early. As a child I would beg my mom to let me open JUST one present on the morning of my birthday. She would relent and I was overjoyed.

Nowadays I open my presents on my birthday, after dinner or lunch surrounded by family, as is tradition. And that is how my mom and mother-in-law think it should be. But all bets are off on packages I receive in the mail. When they are dropped on my doorstep, I open them IMMEDIATELY!

I take great joy in opening packages early or even better LATE: after all the partying and birthday attention are over and done.

I was so pleasantly surprised to get a package from my best friend, Wendy-Lou. She always packs my letters or packages with all kinds of ephemera she has collected for me and all matter of unique things she has purchased.

I wish she could have been there to see how much I enjoyed opening her gifts. I savored each one, luxuriating in the wrapping paper and little bits and pieces she added. Since she couldn't be with me I took some pictures of my favorite parts.

"Each day is a gift, that is why it is called The Present"

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the gifts, my friend! Thanks for posting the photos! xoxoxo


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