Just My Average Thursday

Text Conversation with my husband from just moments ago.

Him: Have you seen Kirk Douglas in "lust for life"?
Me: Uh...I don't know. How are you feeling? (He's been a little sicky.)
Him: Ok for now
Me: My love of you will heal your aches and pains.
Him: I wish
Me: (thinking of some Michael Scott comeback and failing) But it helps, right?
Him: That movie is the story of Van Gogh.
Me: What?
Me: Speaking of being an incubus of plague let's see Contagion this weekend. 
(We have thought for the last 3 weekends that we would go see it only to be disappointed that it wasn't out yet, I am already sick of Contagion (get it?)).
Him: Ok
Him: I could sneeze a lot in the movie and make everyone freak out.
Me: Perfect. It will be like a Project Mayhem thing!
Him: Lust for Life
    It won some awards. I put it in our Q
    Disk only
Me: Oh the Kirk Douglas one from the 70's. Yeah, I want to see that. Good job.

If this convo was hard to follow then you don't belong in my life. Because this is the rambling thought process multiplied by text-speak-lag that is my life.

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