It's the Worst

Found a list of Top 30 Worst Food in America and I can honestly say that everything almost everything on that list that is not appealing to me (exception #16 and #19 and maybe #29). I like burgers and fries and fajitas and dessert but I wouldn't order these particular things in a restaurant, especially a chain, fast food restaurant. Sorry, don't mean to sound uppity. Well, maybe I do.

Got me thinking about other Worst lists...

Bottom 100 on IMDb...I might have seen one of these. I like the title to #59 and #79.

Worst Album Covers...Yes, oh yes to #77 and Wow to #54 and Aaawwww, Poor Tori #30 and I had #22 and #1.

Worst Celeb Baby Names....I like #5 because I could say to my husband, "You got Moxie?" And apparently Paula Yates is off her flipping rocker and really into Rock Stars. And I never minded Apple, it sure as hell isn't inthe same galaxy as Jermajesty!

Okay, go out into the virtual world and enjoy.


  1. The funniest is Worst Gas Station Treat. Like there is a "best" gas station treat. :)

  2. Had a ball looking at these lists! I had to do a good *eyeroll* at the name "Jermajesty"...of course, they could eyeroll at LuLu too...LOL

    Happy Friday Neva!


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