Facebook Saves Lives

Just read an article about how a few FB posts from a mom with a sick child got responses from friends that told her to get her child to the ER immediately. Her friends suspected Kawasaki disease and they were right.

I to have experienced the wonder of FB.

Whilst on my trip to NYC in the fall I checked in to my FB and saw my neighbor had messaged me that she thought my dogs were out. I called my husband who was sleeping and didn't answer. I messaged her back, she messaged me and said she had caught them. I then called my MIL who woke my hubby who went to get the dogs. Thanks FB!

Then a few weeks ago, as I was reading friends' posts I saw my friend Wendy's husband left a post about being unable to find Wendy at some huge complex. I posted a reply and he replied, "Please call W, I think her iPad died and I can't find her." I don't know why he couldn't call her but I did and was able to reunite the lost couple who were on vacation in another state.

Funny how small the world is becoming.

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