I May Be Dying....

...So why the hell am I at work?

Uggg! I feel like a circus pile on a hot, summer afternoon (don't know what a circus pile is? Look here). My feeling like shit started Friday night with a sore throat. Unfortunately I was keeping my nieces that night and the kids were going wild. Woke up Saturday feeling worse but still not too bad. Did some weeding and took them to the pool. Realized I might be really getting sick when the pool made me feel chilled.

By Saturday night I was a big, whopping crybaby. Sunday I spent in the bed watching movies and whistling for my kids since I had lost my voice.

Here are some do's and don'ts about sick movie watching:

Do catch up on Celebrity Ghost Stories that you have recorded on the dvr.

Dont' watch And Soon the Darkness...it was horrible and really, loong and drawn out!

Do watch Little Voice when you see that is is FINALLY on Instant Netflix.

Don't watch Letters to Juliette (for the second time) when your husband decides to keep you company in the bed. You will be embarrassed for liking the movie the first time in light of how silly and cheesy it seems the second time.

 Do or Don't? I tried to watch Like Water for Chocolate cause I loved the book but the movie was too cheesy and outdated.

We got on vacation on Thursday, which starts with a 6 hour car-ride with kids and hubby. I cannot feel this bad on vacation, people are likely to die if I do. Going to the doc today, this thing better be treatable.

As B would say, ROAR!

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