Sooo Long

My computer has been at the doctor for a week and when I finally get it back and plugged all up my brain is dead. Sheesh, I have had so many good ideas this week for posts too.
Oh well, everyday can't be sunshine and rainbows.

A few cool things.
I love all things zombie and when I saw the CDC's new ad campaign I thought they were genius!

Reading: Plague of the Dead, I Am Legend, and finished The Forgotten Garden. All good but TFG is EXCELLENT!!!

My 10 year old, B, shaved her legs! Grrrrr. We had no idea she had done it, certainly didn't give her permission. Stubbly legs gave her away after a few days. Geez, are there any other Moms of 10 yr old girls facing this too?

Okay, I will be brilliant next week, I'm sure.

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