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We have recently acquired a Wonder Works in Myrtle Beach, it has been a fascination for the kids to watch it as it was constructed. There have been a thousand questions. Finally it was completed a few weeks ago. I really wanted to see what the admission price was and take the kids.

When B was around 2 we visited some friends in the Orlando area. They took us to a WW and we had a blast. I can't remember a lot of specifics just that there was a conveyor belt wall climbing thing that was really hard to do. Of course, B didn't remember any of that and Z said she did (she wasn't even born yet!).

After a big morning of attending the Girl Scout Jamboree we met up with my husband and went to get ice cream. After our Ben and Jerry's my husband and I secretly conferred on if we could go to WW today. I called to find out the admission price, which the voice mail kindly wouldn't tell me until after it went on and on about all the WONDERFUL things to see and do inside (come one, TELL ME THE ADMISSION FEE!). Adults were $22.99 and kids 4-12 were $14.99. A little high but we decided to go for it.

After entering the upside down monstrosity and waiting in the upside down lobby my husband inquired about a locals' discount. Yes! We got $2 off each ticket, pretty good.

Prepare for a Tangent: It really pisses me off that we live at the beach, pay taxes that build the roads and all that and there are all these things that are geared to the tourists! But a lot of these attractions won't give a local a break on an admission. Aren't we the ones bringing our family and friends to see them? Aren't we the ones the recommend things to random people we sit beside at a restaurant or the beach and strike up a conversation that begins with the tourist asking, "What do you recommend for a restaurant, attraction, etc?". Anyway, it's nice when the people lining their pockets with money consider the people who live in here. I mean, come one, right?!?

So we paid, got our wristbands and dove in. First we were met with a spinning tunnel that did WONDERS for my ice-cream filled stomach, then a smallish room with a Titanic exhibit, Google Earth and a Wind Experience. There were some games on weather, etc. We then moved on to the gravity room, don't remember exactly what it was called but gravity and force seemed to be the theme. Bella waited in a loooong line for the gravity Bicycles, I didn't want to do and neither did her Dad or sister. She was brave enough to go it alone. A grandma asked if B was riding by herself and I said yes and she asked if her grandson could ride with her (two people on the bike at once). He was about her size and Bella said sure. The rest of us wandered around the room playing keeping on eye of her slowly advancing line. Z loved the air-hockey game, I liked the strength tests, I sucked at the baseball pitch, but we had fun trying everything out. Finally B and her buddy got on a bike, got strapped in and were given instructions (I videoed the whole thing!). The deal is you are supposed to peddle to get the bike swinging and hopefully go all the way over the top of the arc. They started and very quickly the boy's face went white and he stopped peddling. B was laughing and peddling like a maniac. She made it go over the arc by herself much to the boy's terror-stricken chagrin. Everyone cheered for her.

We moved on to the next room, I won't break down every room for you but our favorites were: lying on a bed of nails, the bubbles, the big piano, the push your face or body into a thing and see the impression you made (I can't remember what this thing was called), and the ropes course.

There were lotsa things to do on each floor but our very favorite was the ropes course on the top floor. It is indoor and lit with black lights (not very dark but the neon colors glowed). We all got saddled-up as Z called it (harnessed) and waited in line for our turn. Up we went into the maze of obstacles. There were a lot of people on it and it was self-guided, so you may have to wait on a 4x4 platform with 6 other people until everyone figured out how to get across to their direction. I went with Z to help her (she is a little more timid than B). I have been afraid of heights most of my life but after the zip-line in Nicaragua I love this kinda stuff.

Josh went his own way and B was like a monkey in the jungle. She was running across the balance beams not holding on, sailing down incline, jumping from one lily-pad-step to the next. She had no fear. In fact she got pretty pissed that adult-visitors were telling her what to do and moving her harness cord around thinking she needed help! How dare they!

Finally, Josh, Z and my feet had had enough. We were hot, sweaty and tired. We told B we were going down and she said she wasn't. She played for about 10 more minutes until we saw her hanging upside down from her harness sliding down an incline (you are not supposed to slide, your feet should be on a rope, platform or beam the whole time). WTF? Josh went and told an employee to kick her off, and he led her off the course. She was very upset and didn't understand what she had done wrong. See it wasn't dangerous to her...she was completely comfortable and not fearful at all. She said she was BORED because she had to wait on the scared adults to move out of her way. We explained it to her why it was against the rules and dangerous and told her next time she would know better.

We headed out pf there happy and exhausted. We had spent 3.5 hours inside and it was well worth the admission price!

Go check them out if you are in Myrtle Beach. MY TIPS: I would say it is best for 5 years old and up. This age range would get the most enjoyment out of it. The little ones under 5 could do some things with their parents but not enough to justify a $15 admission. Also, wear closed toe shoes! About 3 of the best activities you needed close-toed shoes. WW is nice enough to provide fake-crocs for their guests who are wearing sandals or flip flops but 50 other people have had their feet in them before you. but still, this is a really great thing- providing shoes so that people who have paid an ass-load of money don't miss out! Oh and we were told it is an all day admission so you can come and go as you please!

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