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I can't remember everything that happened on the Paris trip after the last post... I will just have to add little anecdotes as I remember them over the next 50 years. Check back often to see what I remembered. Also have you started following me on twitter? Why not? You can see my tweets on the right hand side.

Here's a random sampling of the adventure.

lunch during the Puce de St. Ouen

camera obscura? Puce de St. Ouen flea market

did I tell you bout the lady fussing at me about dogs and chocolate? Here's the dog.

antique clothing display

me waaaay down there, Puce de St. Ouen

so tired after the steps, Champ Elysee

My Amelie moment
ghost behind Sacre Cour

Brigette visits Notre Dame

Catacombs were awesome!!!!

Champs at night

Last meal in Paris- fried duck

That's how my English friend Pat always said my name "Genevier"

fucking steps at Montmarte, I am flipping the ever cheerful Wendy off.

Coolest store ever in Louvre, found others around town

entrance to Catacombs, love those flowers but don't know what they are...

shitty night for me and this guy told me to come in and pose for the picture with him. Cheered me to no end.

Montmarte at night, not a good night for me

Love this lady's face sitting at another table...

Yep, escargot!

The first taste. Buttery, herby tender bites. Nothing special.

Okay, that's all for now. Check back soon.

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  1. Wow! You're a lucky girl! Nice to catch up with you. Sounds like you've been living a dream!


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