Paris- the Journal excerpts #2

Day 3- The Morning
Up and at 'em early. Had breakfast at our neighborhood cafe (crossaints and baguettes and a poached egg and ham thing, yum). Switched Metro lines many times to get to the train for Versailles.

Arrived, grabbed a Starbucks (ick) and walked over to the palace (so nonchalant-like).
Brigette posing in front of Versailles

My turn, Golden Gates, cool.

The gates were pretty spectacular. Wendy and I agreed it would suck to be the person who had to polish them.

Zombies invade

These tourists...I wanted to kill them all. Most of them had an audio-tour device (looks like a walkie talkie) held up to there ear and would stare open mouthed around them shuffling along JUST LIKE DAY OF THE DEAD. I don't care for crowds or being stuck in a room in a crowd. So, maybe I shouldn't have gone to Versailles or leave my house but whatever. Also, the grand opulence kinda made me sick. Every surface was covered in some form of art: sculptures, velvet patterned wallpaper, murals, hugs paintings, gold leaf, etc. It was hard to imagine living that life.

I kept trying to reconcile everything with movies I have seen about Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette...didn't help. Click here to read up on it...

We saw some lovely drinking chocolate in glass jars and beautiful candies and macaroons in the gift shop.I got an XL Versailles shirt that might fit a newborn, Wendy chalked it up to everything being made in Thailand where they are the size of a thimble.

The gardens and grounds were much better. I could breathe. We walked around, Wendy took lotsa photos. I stayed on a bench while she walked 18 miles down the green to get photos of a fountain. In my shaded spot I was able to eavesdrop on a french woman and two girls conversation. Mind you I couldn't understand most of it but when another family walked by who were obviously American the french girls said in this weird nasal-pseudo-American accent "AhmeriKahn Gurls...Muhahahahaaaa". Nice.

Soon Wendy returned and we ate at the outdoor restaurant. It kinda sucked. The tables are so close together and everyone is smoking. I ordered a cheeseburger (I don't know why, nothing was really appealing to me. Wendy order a steak. The cheeseburger sucked, they had tried to Americanize it with a dry, stale bun and bright yellow Americanish cheese and a dry patty o' meat. Weird.

We headed back to the station after that and got on a crowded train back to Paris.

The Adventure continues....

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