In this day and age, why do people still have ugly toenails. Why?

I understand if you have some sort of medical condition and are actively seeking medical intervention. But for the love of all that's Holy, keep those puppies covered up until a cure can be found.

And the long-ass toenails...WTF? Clippers cost less than a pack of cigarettes and are really simple to use. And that pointy thing on the clippers...that is for CLEANING OUT under finger and toe nails. Get it? You don't have to have black, brown, gray cheese under there. It is quite easy to remedy.

And why are people with long, yellow, flaky toenails wearing flip flops and sandals? Are they proud?

Lastly, if your toenails look like something the Abominable Snowman has used to dig through a rotting carcass, please, please don't get in the lazy river on an innertube with your legs extended placing your claws in reach of everyone else's delicate, mostly naked flesh. Or more to the point, in reach of my face as we turn the corner and they are inches from my eyeball. Please.

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