Savory Crepes

Have you ever made crepes? It's pretty easy actually, no more difficult than pancakes...Well, if you have a crepe pan, it's easy. A crepe pan looks like a pan that was made upside down and got through Inspector 32's watch on the conveyor belt because she was passed out on Ambien. It looks really messed up. But looks aside with a crepe pan and shallow dish of batter making these delish treats is very simple.

Crepe Batter
2 eggs
3/4 c milk
1/2 c water
1 c flour
3 TB melted butter

Throw these ingredients into a blender, blend for 30 seconds orf so. Refrigerate for an hour. This helps get rid of the bubbles and make your crepe less fragile.

Pour chilled batter in a shallow casserole dish (round). Heat your crepe pan. I spray with a cooking spray, it takes very little and I don't spray it every time.

Wait....maybe before you start cooking your crepes you should consider what you will fill them with. Since I don't eat sugar and these were for dinner I went with Crab, Mushroom and Cheese. I didn't use this recipe exactly, I used butter, claw meat, mushrooms, garlic, sweet peas, a little cream after sauteing and a Buttersweger (or something German like that) cheese I found at Bi-Lo for $2.87 (it was so yummy!).

So. Heat your crepe pan for a minute on the burner. Spray it (if needed) flip and drop into your batter (see photo below) and immediately pickup-and-flip and place back on the burner. The flip should take a second or two. Do not hold the pan in the batter or you will immediately cook and slough off your crepe and then have to dig it out of the batter.

Cook the crepe (see photo below- this one isn't ready yet) until slightly golden if you lift the edge. Lossen the edges as it cooks and when ready slide off the pan onto your plate, into your mouth or whatever*. You do not turn the crepe over to cook the other side! Bon Dieu, never!! You only cook one side.

*Layer warm crepes between wax paper in a warm oven until everyone is ready to fill and eat the crepes.

Fill the warm crepe with your ingredients. Now, you can either fold one side in and then the other, leaving the ends open. Fold the bottom up a little, top down and sides in so there is no opening. Or you can fold in half and in half again creating a triangle. This shape is good for a sweet crepe filling or for small kids to eat with a little powdered sugar.
B getting her crepe ready. Crab and Mushroom filling.

My crepes with asparagus on the side. Honey's crepes with asparagus in them (she folded them like this so you could see the inside)

I saved a few for the girls to add chocolate and powdered sugar or jelly and powdered sugar to for dessert. But those were eaten so fast I didn't have time for a photo!

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