I didn't get eh whole Beiber/Usher/Little Will Smith bit from the Grammys. The serious, "You're going to sing for me now" scripted dialogue was uber-cheesy.

Beiber singing "Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh" in his semi-man voice made me realize again how stupid that song is (again). And then the flying ninja-drummers that he was dodging/dancing around where from someones cracked out dream.

The dancing= medicore, the singing= bad, the little rapper cute but lame, Will and Jada reveling in the attention=weird, and then Usher...Usher sounded horrible. Who put this thing together?

It was all more on the MTV level than the Grammys. But what do I know?

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  1. Rats, I wish I'd seen this!

    Are you gonna watch the Oscars Sunday night? Should be pretty good. Maybe.


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