Shrimp Corn Chowder

Got a new app for my iPod Touch- Epicurious. I love it. Found this Shrimp Corn Chowder recipe on there, made a grocery list with my Grocery IQ app and made it Friday night. Served with a warmed sourdough bread.

Next time I will add a clove of garlic, more salt a dash of Worcestershire sauce, some chopped hot peppers, and cilantro. It was good but the flavors were pretty bland to me (which my MIL said was great because she was coming down with something and it was hot and comforting without being "too much"). Also, I would cut out the cream- if you puree the potatoes when they are soft it make it creamy...One kids ate it up, the other prefers not to eat at dinner and like to push her food around and talk.

PS- No, I am not paid to talk about those apps- Jeez! I wish!!

PSS- We have had this for two dinners and two lunches...Kids love it and there is plenty for sharing!

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