Pig Wrestling

I woke up 1:34 am and couldn't go back to sleep. It was pouring rain, again, as it had been on and off all day. I was so tired of this deluge which our area badly needed but I had been over for the last 18 hours.

Tossing and turning, I thought I heard the dogs barking. I got up to check at the back door but they weren't there. That is where they usually sit to make sure their demands to be let in are best heard.

I went back to bed but couldn't sleep worrying about them. It had rained so much, that the ground was either puddled into large lakes or pits of squishy mud. Their doghouse was empty, their covered porch was sans dogs, too. Where are they camped out? I wondered.

Finally I got up, grabbed two towels and went to each of our doors to look for them. I flipped on the light and they came running from some dark corner of the yard. I opened the door and immediately entered the First Annual Wet Pig Dog Wrestling Contest. Two dogs vs. One Lady. Two, wet, ecstatic, hyper dogs on carpet and me alone in my jammies with two towels. Apparently, I was not awake enough to think that one through before I opened the door.

After 5 minutes of me "ssshh"ing them and them flipping and flinging themselves about they were mostly dry and I was mostly wet. I got their crate ready by laying some snuggley towels in it. But now I wasn't sleepy and neither were they. So I changed my pants and we went to watch some bad late night television.

Needless to say I am working on 25% brain capacity after my late night canine shennanigans.

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