Sorry. I may be losing my mind. See I dropped out of the blogging world when things were hectic. Then it seemed to hard and competitive to get back into it. You know, the blogging world. So I used my alter-blogspot "Mostly Flummoxed" to start afresh. But I was confused, and others...well, they were boggled. So. It wasn't such a fresh start after all. Or maybe it was too fresh. Like a blank piece of paper staring up at you waiting for your inspired lines. But nothing inspiring comes in the glare of all that white.

Anyway. I am back to posting on Geeneva as Mostly Flummoxed. It's like slipping on my favorite jeans, soft, broken in, familiar, a little stain from that garlic chicken dinner but still my fave.

So. Sorry. Again. I'm a mom. You probably are one or know one and know how our brains turn to mush about 10 weeks gestation and never recover.

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