What's New?

1. Pups are gaining weight fast! They look less like rats and more like chubby-bubby pups now. I can't wait til they open their eyes...Lafawnda is such a good mommy, too. Didn't we all know she would be?

2. Got a minivan! Whoo hoo!! It took all day and probably 200 miles of driving across two counties to find it. It taught me two things: God gives you what you need and Car salesmen are complete and total a**holes.

3. I was pulled over by a motorcycle cop minutes after driving away with new van because I didn't have tags. I have estimated I will be pulled 10 times before I can get my tags this week. Yea for me.

4. My nephew Keenan (pictured to the left) was in the ER last week with a serious case of croup turned pneumonia. They got him on steroids and antibiotics immediately but it looked like he might need to be hospitalized. We got the good news just now that he is responding to the medications, no hospitals needed right now. Sadly, when he was having the most trouble breathing one night and his dad had him in a steamy bathroom trying to open his airways, Keenie said he thought God had forgotten about him. I can only imagine how he was feeling when he was that sick and miserable. Poor guy. Keep him in your prayers. We will walk for him this Saturday with the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis.

5. I ran for 18 minutes straight day before yesterday. This is a huge improvement from only being able to run for 3 minutes or so and then walk for a minutes and repeat. Yippee! I run again today! My goal is a 5 K in the fall or spring.

6. Had a nice Mother's Day with lotsa handmade presents from my girls. We had an amazing dinner at Pomodoro's Saturday night (I recommend the artichoke appetizer and the Salmon, Shrimp, Scallop pasta- it was the special that night) with my husband, kids, and mo-in-law and another delicious but different meal at Sea Captian's House (I had the Crabcake Eggs Benedict which was fabulous, I also recommend the Avocado salad. And a little side note- So you know what my daughter got at this amazing restaurant? A PB& J! WTH?) on Sunday after church. But why does everyone wish me a "Happy Mother's Day" one day a year...why don't they just say "Happy Day" everyday? I mean, I still did laundry, cleaned, got the kids ready for church and bed, fed and watered the family...I do that everyday, not one day a year.... Just a thought.

I think that is it...What's new with you?


  1. Keenen will be in my thoughts... i am walking this weekend for my friend's children who were diagnosed with CF in 2009

  2. hello~ I have an award for you on my blog!

  3. Congratulations on your award! The puppies are SO adorable! We want to get a cat soon - I love cats and I think it would also be good for our 4-year old boy.


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