Great Strides and Car Wrecks

Our Myrtle Beach Great Strides Walk raised $15,800 for Cystic fibrosis this morning!! So awesome! And the money that has been raised has funded and brought a new medication to CF patients...funded by donations.

After running/walking with Great Strides I headed to The Piggly Wiggly to get some sick supplies for Zo and Bella. I parked, got my little cart and started shopping for Popsicles and drinks...Then a voice from above says, "Will the owner of the blue minivan come to the front of the store."

Oh, wait...I have a blue minivan! For less than a week I have been the owner of a blue minivan.

Come to find out someone had hit my van and took off. Some soccer guys and an employee having lunch got the plate number. Police were called. Forms were filled out. And I drove my damaged van home and the hit-and-run driver got a visit from Mr. Police Officer.

Now I am having a delicious latte my sweet hubby made me while the kids snuggle the pups.

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  1. i cant believe they got the plate number! that is awesome, and hit and runner is in big big trouble!


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