Fresh out da' oven!! (yea, J-Lo, that was a really dumb song title, but it is apropos here.)

The other day I received the new edition of Real Simple, one of my favorite magazines. It happened to be on a day that I was very rushed (wow, that's different, huh?) and I was heading out to grab a few things from the grocery store with kids in tow. I wasn't sure what to make for dinner that night, but I knew I could grab chicken and broccoli- falling back on the old standby. Then I had a brilliant idea (did you hear that ding?!).

I grabbed the magazine from the ever-growing stack of mail and flipped to the back where all the recipes were. I found an article on 10 things to do with pizza dough. Perfect!

I jotted down the ingredients and ran out the door.

I stopped by Toffino's Deli to pick up some yummy frozen pizza dough. The make it fresh daily and freeze the loaves.It is delish and inexpensive. It kindly began to thaw/rise in the car for me as I finished my errands and shopping.

For the Spinach and Sausage calzones, you can find the quick recipe in the magazine, I changed a few things.
-I used two large pizza doughs cutting them into 4 pieces each, which made four calzones (a top and bottom sealed togehter for each).
-The recipe called for sausage links, which are yummy, but I couln't justify buying that when I had ground pork at home. I cooked it in a pan adding sausage seasonings to it.
-A dollop of ricotta added on top of the spinach and sausage mix was delish!
-Should have added more salt and garlic- the recipe doesn't call for it but the calzones needed it.

Put it together as per instructions, popped it in the oven and voila, dinner is served!

Sliced and served with warmed spaghetti sauce. I have been digging Rinaldi tomato sauce, it is cheap and has good, complex flavor.

 Z really loved these...as did the rest for the family. By the way, for the vegetarian in our house, I left out the meat and added a little extra mozzarella and ricotta.

PS- I am not paid or reimbursed to say these things...

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