Bacon for Dessert?


Do you see that slightly stunned look on B's face? That is because the other faceless person in the photo is about to bite into a piece of bacon, covered in peanut butter, then whipped cream. The Atkins Diet will do strange and mysterious things to your psyche. I think she went to her happy place for a few minutes. We all did.


  1. Hmmm, I actually think bacon and PB taste pretty good together, it's the whipped cream that's throwing me off...how was it?

  2. And what did the person who ate that think of their dessert? It sounds pretty bad to me.

  3. ROFLMAO! But I do love me some bacon. I saw a recipe recently on a blog for bacon cookies....sounded interesting!

  4. yeah, eeeew! and sorry but atkins? but he died!!! with that diet probably! ;)

    remember me? it's been a while friend. hope you'll visit again ;)


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