Take Me to Your Leader

I swear to you, good folks, that I have not digitally altered or altered in any way this here photo of myself. Which is sad, because it looks like I have applied the "alien filter" (if such a thing even exists) to my face/head.

What the Hell? I look so bizarre. I was simply trying to take a photo of my busted lip (Thanks B for the right hook to my lip last night!) to send to my hubby to elicit some sympathy. When I saw what I had done, I of course emailed it to myself so I could show the world how creepy I look. I had been awake about 20 minutes and the flash was pretty bright... Excuses, excuses.

I never knew my head was so, so, so HUGE. And my neck looks like a Popsicle stick (not in real life, however).

Dear God...

Please link or send me photos of you freaky selves...it might make me feel better.

In the meantime I am calling this my alter ego...Leeloo


  1. OMG, Darlin
    You totally crack me up!

    How's the lip?

    Sending you my "creepy picture"

  2. Every picture of me looks like a tired, bloated housewife that has let herself go...don't feel bad!

  3. This picture makes you look like a Precious Moments doll with a busted lip.

  4. Alien filter! I love that. They should make such a thing. And actually, this picture is kind of mesmerizing...look into my eyes...look into my eyes... :)


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