Pack Rats and Fit Throwers

REPOST from way back...however, we are going through this exact same thing right now! Sheesh!

Okay, remember that screaming-crying fit my daughter was having yesterday regarding cleaning her room?

Well, today we got up and started cleaning. I took my eldest and we tackled her room and my mother-in-law (Honey, aka MIL) took my youngest (Fit-Thrower) and tackled her room.

*Tick tock, tick tock*Hours later...

I emerged from B's room, with a yard bag (you know the kind you put leaves in?) of trash, freezing feet (our floors are tile) and a slight case of exhaustion. I headed into Z's (Fit-Thrower) room thinking we were all close to completion and found about 1/4 of it cleaned. You see, my MIL and Z had cleaned Stuff You Don't See! What? Really! I mean, we have 15 inches of shit piled on the floor, a mish mash of dirty clothes, clean clothes, candy wrappers, toys, paper, books, small animals, nuclear waste....and they are concentrating on the stuff you CAN'T see, ie: under the bed and in the closet!

So I started whipping around the room, tossing stuff when Z wasn't looking...cause you know what? She is a pack rat- she keeps papers FOREVER, wrappers, McDonalds toys, etc. and so does Bella. What am I doing that is making these kids like this?

Anyway, I digress...tossing stuff in the lawn bag, making piles, sweeping...Basically going like a mad-woman! Z has lost interest at this point and moved on which allows me to move much faster.

So after hours of cleaning, I break for lunch, go back to clean some more, do mountains of laundry and finally I have this to show for it...(sorry, i couldn't bring myself to take a before photo, it was just to painful).

B's art desk, you may not recognize it because it looked like this last time. And those are zinnia's I painted for her, she loves red and teal and so do I.

Yes, that's a giant shiny, silver Sonic the hedgehog on her bed...

My father made this shelf when I was a child, to use at the Post Office where he worked. It has been buried for year in my sister's garage, I am letting B use it because I can't give it to her- I want it too bad! And that is about as organized as it will ever be in her room.

Z's room, and another Sonic.

Her rug hasn't been this clean since I took the tags off it. Her church clothes are all laid out on her chair she painted, stood on, broke, I glued back together, and now it can only hold a doll.

Z's life is playing school. She is continuously talking to her class, instructing them, asking them to follow her...It is adorable and if she doesn't become a teacher in about 18 years I don't know what we will do.

A better shot of her school area- table, laptop (not a real one, silly), her ABC chart...And the teacher, hard at work in nightgown and slippers.

I am seriously considering moving into one of their rooms, since I have no energy left to straighten mine.


  1. Doesn't it feel good when things are nice and clean? Love it.

    My daughter is dealing with the same issues. We actually took away all her toys (in 3 large yard bags) and have put them in the pool house until she can keep her room clean and organized. That was 3 months ago...

  2. Two clean and organised rooms - way to go!

  3. Oh the crap they accumulate... and g doesn't want to get rid of anything...good job throwing stuff out!


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