The Nutcracker, sweet.

Getting ready for her first performance as a Bon Bon. You can not imagine how excited she was to wear make-up and get her hair fixed. I almost felt bad, like I was a pageant mom "dolling" her kid up...

Waiting for her cue. Doesn't she look like a babydoll? I could eat her up I love her so.

Impossible to get a clear photo, she (in the front) is too fast. But she just ran out from under Mama Ginger's skirt (that lady back there with the rollers in her hair).

She asked repeatedly why some of the girls had flowers after the first performance...I was planning on giving her some for the finale. Damn the parents who had their shit together! So the next night when we gave them to her she was barely noticed them! Too pumped up on being a star, I guess.

Sugar Plum Fairy and the Bon Bon (this is Zo's teacher, she is 19 and has her own studio)

Sorry, I had to share these with you guys. I am just so proud of my little girl. I was having memory flashback of my childhood dancing and being onstage at recitals.


  1. Those curls are painfully adorable!!!

    You are her Mama! Share! Share away!!!

  2. How could you not be proud of her?! She is a glowing, gorgeous, girl!

  3. Adorable! And I always thought you were supposed to bring the flowers after the last performance?

  4. These are great pictures. What an adorable girl you have there. She does look like a doll! I love the picture of her holding the flowers!

    19, with her own studio!?! Holy cow.


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