Handprint Christmas Tree Skirt

I saw a similar idea in a magazine around B's second Christmas. I thought, "Aaah, too bad I didn't know about that for her first Christmas so I could have all her handprints." Then, EUREKA! I remember the felt hand ornament that captured her hand print! I got it out, traced the hand on the skirt and painted it in, as if she was very still and cooperative at 9 months old the previous year!

It's a good thing my genius is used for good and not evil!

Acrylic paint

Here are directions to getting the felt cut since I didn't remember them exactly. Consider how many kids, how many years, and what you want to be at the front before painting. I have two girls, so I started their first years at the front and moved out from there (starting the girls at 6:00 side by side, B's 2nd year at 7:00, Z's second year at 5:00). I also cut a slit in my tree skirt so I could slide it under the tree and not have to place the stand, then the skirt and then insert the tree- too much of a pain!) But I wish my tree skirt was wider across, so more stuck out from under the tree and presents.

Next smear acrylic paint on your child's' hands one at a time. Press down on felt. Repeat for next hand. Label the year. Have baby wipes handy for wiping hands quickly before you have lovely kid handprints on your antique pine farm table or the backs of kitchen chairs...

I add the current Christmas' handprints when I am taking the decorations down around New Year. But you may prefer to add it before the tree goes up.

Next up...Salt Dough Ornaments

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