10 Days!!!!!!

Um, what? Ten days until Christmas? That's impossible! Surely you jest?!

How in the world did it get to be the middle of December? I was going along, minding my own blogness and wham! December 15 (that's going to leave a mark).

I am feeling crazy today. My plate is full overflowing. Actually the stuff on my plate is falling off the plate and onto the tablecloth (leaving a greasy stain) and maybe rolling to the floor (ugh, I need to mop that up). December shouldn't be like this. Who made it like this? It seems like everything MUST happen before Christmas...every performance, every last meeting, all these parties, due dates... the list goes on.

I keep thinking that there must be somewhere I can cut back in my life. Work? Well, no, I just started there, I don't think they would appreciate that. Kids? I don't think so. House? Well, by the looks of it- yes, maybe I have cut back on actual cleaning and straightening but I still think about it and it still makes me nuts! Husband? Who's that? Between working his 50+ hour a week job, his freelance job, the coffee business and trying to get our rental house ready...I feel like I haven't seen him. Even though we sat side-by-side at his work Christmas party last night. Me? Yes, I am putting my needs last. Ha, I'm a mom aren't I? I would love to read a book in a hot bath tonight but that would mean cleaning the tub. And who in the Hell wants to do that? So what does that leave?

To lighten my mood and this downer blog I will say there have blessings this week...For one, B is better and went back to school on Monday. Secondly, her Brownie leader kindly brought her home tonight instead of me having to rush back out to get her in the middle of dinner preparations. Thirdly, uh...I didn't get pulled over today (that is very nice after my two tickets a few weeks ago)...Fourthly, we are all healthy.

That's all I can think of. Lame, I know but in case you skipped over this blog to just read the end- my brain is fried. Oh! one more thing, I am thankful I had a few minutes to sit down and write this post.


  1. Hang in there! I'm in the middle of a pre-Christmas move...I will be a zombie by Christmas Eve!

  2. yeah, time flies by soooo fast! im sure there're a lot to cram for the last minute shopping.

  3. Sometimes it does help to count your blessings, even if they are few and far between! I myself haven't done any shopping yet...*groan*

  4. So funny...I actually had the chance to take a bath the other night and I looked at the tub...and stopped. NO WAY was I going to sit in that filthy thing. And NO WAY was I going to clean it. :) SO, no bath for me. Sigh. Poor me.

    Have a happy Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and your family and the kids! Hopefully your husband will get some time off (trust me, I understand that!) and you can spend it with each other!


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