Tight Pants before Pumpkins

So this morning as I was pretending to be a grown up getting dressed for a job and my hubby was lounging in bed pretending he wasn't going to be late I slipped on a pair of tights. I had already put my shirt on, and moments before tried on a pair of pants and then decided against them. Let me also preface with it was dark and my hubby was half-awake. Soooo, with said tights on, standing beside the bed, I hear my hubby go "Uhhhh...."

I look at him and see he is staring at my tights. Within milliseconds I knew what he is thinking and responded with "What, are these pants too tight?"

And tonight we are letting the kids stay  up past their bedtimes to watch The Great Pumpkin! Woo Hoo!!! So excited! I remember watching it as a child every Halloween with my siblings.

This is going to be Nostalgia squared: remembering it's awesomeness from my childhood while creating new memory of it's awesomeness with my girls!


  1. This is my kid's first year with the Great Pumpkin, as well.

    It's a great tradition!

  2. Oh my gosh...too funny. Hopefully he answered with the correct, "No sweetheart, you look fantastic"

  3. Gotta love the Great Pumpkin:) It is a CLASSIC!

  4. I didn't know it was on until too late. :( I have the book though, so I'm going to sit my kids down and we will read it together. I love Charlie Brown. Poor guy. :)

    How's the new grown up job thing treating you??

  5. We stayed up past bedtime to watch The Great Pumpkin too! Partly because we are keeping our fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow.

  6. We didn't want the Great Pumpkin, for some reason, the Poltergeist is what we settled on. Guess that goes right along with your earlier post :)

  7. I love love love that movie! We actually have it on dvd, so it's on rotation (along with The Corpse Bride and Coraline) right now.

  8. LOVE this movie. Acted it out as a kid in school - we memorized that whole movie!


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