Things Kids Say

While crawling up the freezer door and into the fridge to retrieve a jar of pickles, Zo was caught by her dad. "Zoe don't climb on the freezer." Her response "Well, then they shouldn't make them (the pickles) so delicious!"

Getting ready for school Bella starts in on one of her long explanation/story/questions things that she does..."Mom, since there are all girls and only one boy in this house then it should be a rule that the middle thing is down."
I knew what she was talking about, sixth sense (?), but I said "What are you talking about?"
"On the toilet, Dad always leaves it up and he is the only boy and every time I go to the potty both things (lids) are up!!"
I swear, she came up with that ALL on her own, is it innate in females?


  1. I second the "thing" being down too. However, my house is pretty even girls vs boys. But whoever cleans the toliet "thing" should have a big say so.

  2. Cute! I live in a house with 2 boys so I always find the lid up! Craziness!

    Pickles are delicious too, especially bread and butter (my favorite!)!

  3. Cute! I never managed to get the baby photo album together, but I have been able to keep a journal of all the kooky things my daughter says. Their little brains just work in the funniest ways!


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