Staycation: Part Uno

Is it really a staycation if you still have to pack up most of your everyday stuff, drive 30 minutes to and fro, take the kids to school every morning and still come to the house to feed the pets? Hmm, not sure what to call it then...but enjoy.

Seaweed Mustache

Or maybe hair

Aaaw, so sweet....

and then Bella sits on Zo's shoulders and pushes her head under. *Sigh*

Our view across the inlet

Seaoats- natural, pretty flora that protects the sand dunes

SC State Tree: Palmetto

This girl is on the phone constantly!

 Looking out at the Atlantic from the pier

Looking down through the boards on the pier used to FREAK me out as a kid!

 See any sharks?

Um...yea...these books look awesome. Stay Classy Myrtle Beach!

Every year we work on a puzzle for the whole week, but this time it seems like I am the only one working on it and my brain hurts!

Now Hear This...
And I already have my Guest Blogger for next week lined up!! Yippee! She is an awesome, mysterious blogger who is just getting into the good stuff of toddlerhood. But I will keep her identity a surprise (par for the course for her *hint) until I post.


  1. Beautiful photos, it looks like you're having a blast.

  2. LOVE the pics...those girls are absolutely precious.

  3. Beautiful photos, looks like you're having a blast.

  4. I want a staycation. It looks beautiful there.

  5. Great pictures! I would love to sit and do a puzzle and enjoy the sound and beauty of the beach. No such luck for me of course, but at least it isn't snowing here anymore, lol

  6. Your girls are beautiful and so are the photos! It looks like you
    are having a great time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I really appreciate it. I'm off to look around your blog and to get to know you better.


  7. I love the pictures! Such a change from around here. I especially like the one of the girls looking over the pier. Cute! I love puzzles! I haven't done a grown-up one in years...

    I also wanted to thank you for you guest post yesterday! I loved it! And thanks for featuring me!

  8. Sleeping Booty??? Why be seen buying in person something you can get online in brown plain paper. Or, so I hear.

  9. Oh they look like they're having a ball. Such good memories you're making Mama!

    On another note - your guest blog went over really well yesterday - look at all those great comments! You go girl!

  10. These pics are just beautiful... captured the "moment" for sure.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Stopping by from "Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver", so glad I did!
    Amazing blog. I love it!

  11. I love your photography. Great shots and those girls are gorgeous. I keep meaning to pull out one of my many puzzles and start doing it with my kids, I have a table that pulls out that I can do it on... maybe over our summer break, it's only about 8 weeks away after all!

  12. Photos look great and makes me wish for my own staycataion!

  13. I'll take a staycation like you're having!


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