Oops, I Think I Just Crapped My Pants...

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My List of Scariest Movies I Have Seen:
28 Days Later -Zombie desolation never seemed so real. And the running zombies...geeesh who came up with running zombies- do they really need any other advantages?
When a Stranger Calls -yea, babysitting after this was impossible.
The Grudge -I didn't sleep for several days and it took years to go in the attic again without fear of being attacked by a little boy.
Rosemary's Baby -just so wrong and creepy.
Pet Cemetery -Gaagge!
Nightmare on Elm Street -No-Doze in Coke with Sanka mixed in doesn't work when trying to stay awake...
Hostel -Go ahead, book your next trip to Eastern Europe after seeing this.
Seven -I love to hear and imitate Brad Pitt saying "What's in the boooxx?"
Texas Chainsaw Massacre -any version or sequel scares me
The Exorcist -nothing needs to be said
The Shining -If my husband goes berserk and chases me and kid with axe, I plan on writing a strongly worded letter to his lawyer.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers- 1978 -Saw this movie as a kid and it has never left me, so f**kin' scary.
The Birds -my fear of birds in general make it a good choice.
Children of the Corn -Honey, have you seen any cars lately? No, but let's keep driving on this deserted creepy road surrounded by corn!"
American Werewolf in London -OMG! Never walk on a dark, deserted London hillside in the country...)
Resident Evil- not just zombies but mutant zombies.
The Strangers -This is exactly why I fear staying home alone.
Pyscho -Mother?
Jaws -this was awesome to see when I was little and lived on the ocean...swimming in deep water is still a problem.
Blair Witch Project -Although it made me nauseous to watch, the last scene was so scary to me.
Piranha -Thank God my parents never sent me to summer camp! Only bad shit happens at summer camp!

Want to See Now:
The Brood
Session 9
The Thing -I think I saw this one before but it has been too long to remember.
The Hills Have Eyes

and by the way...BOO!


  1. I love a really good scary movie and although I don't mind gore I find suspense scarier than anything else. Many of my favorites are on this list too, including The Birds, Psycho (I love a great older movie) and Children of the Corn(Isaac and Malaki provided for many sleepless nights). I would definitely have to add the first Saw to my list though...I never saw that ending coming!

  2. I love The Shining! You're so lucky that you've actually seen some scary movies that actually "scare" you. I always end up enjoying the "scary" movies because of the story or something stupid like that. I never get scared! I read Pet Sematary, and the book creeped me out a little bit. *sigh* maybe one day

  3. I'm SUCH a chicken. I do not do scary movies. Though I did make the mistake of watching the Grudge. Swear I didn't shower with the bathroom door closed for months.

  4. I have issues. I can't watch scary movies. CANNOT. I STILL can't get over Jaws. Hello! How many decades is that. Wait. Shhh. Now I sound old. :-)

    OH and that clown you posted there. NOT HELPING! LOL.

  5. I can't really do toooo scary. I like suspense and thriller but not straight scary, and definitely not horror.


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